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책 소개

If the church remains static, it will not be completely functional and it will not be salt and light to this world. God’s servants play an essential role in the transformation of the church and they are the only ones that can make it happen.


저자소개 : Dr. David Yonggi Cho
Dr. David Yonggi Cho is the senior pastor
of Yoido Full Gospel Church in Seoul, Korea.
His congregation has over 700,000 numbers.
Dr. Cho is the founder and president of Church Growth International and travels worldwide sharing his positive message. 
The other books of the author are: The Fourth Dimension, Solving Life’s Problems, The Holy Spirit - My Senior Partner, Praying with Jesus, Great Businessmen, and How Can I Be Healed?


 목 차


Chapter 1 · Faith
  The Faith of God
  According to the Measure of Faith

Chapter 2 · The Holy Spirit
  Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
  The Relationship between God’s Gift and the Holy Spirit
  Being Led by the Holy Spirit
  The Requirements for the Work of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 3 · The Spiritual Realm
  The Fourth Spiritual Dimension
  Discerning of Spirits

Chapter 4 · The Message of God
  A Correct Understanding of the Gospel
  How to Preach
  What Should the Pastor Preach?
  Divine Healing as a Tool in Spreading the Gospel

Chapter 5 · The Instrument of God
  The Kind of a Person God Will Use for His Work
  The Humble Servant
  A Good Catalyst

Chapter 6 · The Creative Life
  The Joy of Creative Ministry
  How to Dream and Think Creatively

Chapter 7 · Self-Training
  A Life of Continuous Discipline
  The Pastor’s Self-Examination
  How to Stand Out from Others
  The Necessity of Rest

Chapter 8 · Leadership
  Look up toward Christ with a Humble Heart
  Four Qualities Needed to Be a Great Leader
  Servant Leadership

Chapter 9 · Leading the Congregation
  The Patient Heart
  How to Overcome Adversity
  Love and Blessing

Chapter 10 · The Successful Ministry
  God’s Will and God’s Way
  The Widow and the Jar of Oil
  A Standard of Evaluation
  Goal Setting


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